Argan Hair Milk Bomb



Ipacei Luxury Argan Hair Milk Bomb
(2-6 months depending on the application/100 ml)

Effect: The luxurious Ipacei Argan Hair Milk Bomb is a two-layer revitalizing treatment.

It gives dry and of chemical damaged hair moisture and a pleasant feel. The particular composition is containing a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, tocopherol, antioxidants and real argan oil from Morocco. This combination also acts on the scalp protecting and nourishing the hair. A very good combing and glow effect are the results.

Application: Shake the Ipacei Argan Hair Milk Bomb well, spray evenly on the whole (dry or wet) hair. Comb if necessary.
It is recommended to repeat this treatment a few times a week.

For which types of hair it is suitable and what are the benefits?

  • For all hair types
  • Gives good grip
  • In order for a quick hairstyle
  • For flying, electrified hair
  • Applicable to the whole hair
  • For very dry, colored and damaged hair
  • Quick and easy to use and spray
  • Gives a lot of moisture and regenerates
  • Very well suited also for frizzy, stubborn and bleached hair
  • Smoothing and glow effect
With a pleasant and refreshing lemony fragrance!


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