Ipacei disinfectant for hands 3 pieces



Skin-friendly product formula

Made in Germany

Ipacei disinfectant for hands, 100ml
3 pieces in a package (300ml)!

Bulk orders including bulk prices are possible by phone or email (contact).

Please ask for prices for professional users, these are cheaper in bulk and can only be sent by phone or e-mail.

ONLY AS LONG AS STOCK ENOUGH: Please order as quickly as possible, also available as a 5 liter canister. Empty bottles in 30ml, 100ml, 250ml, 1 liter including the lid can be ordered by e-mail at affordable prices Protective suits, face masks, FFP2, FFP3, nitrile gloves, faceshield and much more for clinics and pharmacies can be ordered via email. Overview of the two most popular active ingredients Acts virucidal (against viruses), bactericidal (against bacteria), fungicidal (against fungicid)

Main active ingredient: IPA 75% (isopropanol!) Ingredients 100ml solution: Active ingredients: 67g 2-propanol, purified water, Gylcerol, hydrogen peroxide

Free of flavors and perfumes

Disinfectants Guideline: According to the prescribed WHO (World Health Organization) recipe for hospitals as hand disinfectants, for hygienic hand disinfection with biocidal products thanks to the exceptional authorization due to the pandemic according to the approval number: BfC general decree dated March 20, 2020, biocidal products – the emergency approval if there is a danger to public health For emergencies, the EU Biocidal Products Ordinance provides in Article 55 (1) the possibility of exceptions for making them available on the market and for using biocidal products.

Priority: clinics, doctors, pharmacies, old people’s homes and everyday people

To have customer contact. Limitation of the supply of hand disinfectants to professional users.

Professional users within the meaning of the general decree dated March 20, 2020 are primarily public health facilities such as hospitals, medical practices, health centers, but also other care facilities and public care facilities such as town halls, health offices etc. who provide the means of using their employees for on-site use.

Due to the extremely high demand worldwide due to the coronavirus Covid-19, the raw material prices have unfortunately exploded, please understand that we can not offer these products cheaper. If we can get more of the raw materials needed, the prices can continue to rise and are only valid while stocks last. As a precaution, please ask for the current daily prices for your bulk orders!

Other suppliers currently have waiting times of 6-12 weeks for disinfectants! The prices therefore vary with other providers for end customers between € 12- € 44 on the market at the moment. Further filling into smaller or larger containers is possible with large orders. Disinfection gels, wipes or agents only against bacteria are useless against viruses!

Instructions for use: If necessary, rub the hands with approx. 3 ml of solution and keep them moist for 30 seconds. More details on the label.

Stay healthy!

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If you have got any questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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