Best eyelashes and brows growth serum 2021!

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AWARD for the best european lashes and brows growth serum 2021!

DE: Ipacei hat den Award für “das beste europäische Wimpernserum und Augenbrauenserum des Jahres 2021” erhalten!
Vielen Dank für den Titel an! Überreicht von Pinar Altug Atacan und Burak Törün!

Oktober 2021, Conrad Bosphorus Istanbul Turkey,

TR: ‘Yılın Avrupa Kirpik ve Kaş Uzatıcı Serumu 2021’ ödülünü alan en iyi Ipacei Kirpik ve Kaş Uzatıcı Serumu. Pinar Altug Atacan ve Burak Törün ile birlikte!

EN: We received the AWARD for the best european lashes and brows growth serum 2021!
Received from Pinar Altug Atacan und Burak Törün!

#bestlashes #lashesgrowth #ipacei  #wimpernserum

Ipacei is in TURKEY
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Ipacei ürünlerini artik BOYNER`den siparis verebilirsin

Interview with the management of IPK COSMETICS Germany and IPK KOZMETIK TICARET Turkey
We report on the cosmetics industry in the future due to Corona and the changes that await us, August 2020

You can read it in over 40 media, newspapers and television.

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News: Tera Perez Jennifer Lopez` Dancer Captain,
Samuel Sohebi Celebrity Stylist, Verena Kerth, Princess Maja von Hohenzollern and more are loving Ipacei!

From @princess_maja_von_hohenzollern

Werbung/ Ad- In the past few weeks I have tried IPACEI’s beauty products extensively and I am really excited. The eyelash serum is great and my eyelashes have grown nice and long. Thanks to the nail hardener, my nails are healthier than they have been for a long time. SOS Hair Repair with Argan oill is great for fine, dry hair. The Kiss my – Skin – cream and the 24 K pure gold mask are well tolerated and moisturize the skin for a long time. The Long Hair Activator Tonic is absolutely great, it had a noticeable effect on my hair, it is super shiny and has a lot more volume. I am thrilled with the IPACEI products after 2 months of testing and almost all products are vegan.

24 Karat Gold Mask Sets

Ipacei 24 Karat Pure Gold Mask Sets
Known by Kim Kardashian and the Victoria`s Secret Angels!

 Ipacei Gold Sets: Ipacei 24 Karat Face Treatments

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Ipacei gift boxes!

With the Ipacei Allrounder-Sets you will be perfectly equipped and prepared!
Same quality, cheaper in the gift box !


To the gift boxes here: Ipacei Gift Sets

ELLE Magazine Germany

@ellegermany 2016
Das freut jeden Beautyfan: Wundermittelchen für lange Wimpern, langes Haar und starke Nägel. Von Ipacei! @ipacei Lange Wimpern, kräftige Nägel und dickes, glänzendes Haar in 2-3 Wochen – mit den Superprodukten von #ipacei

Vielen Dank an Karin Ecker und das ELLE Team Germany!

@ellegermany 2017
Diamond powder: That’s why Ipacei hardens your nails like hell, best transparent enamel anyway!
@karin.ecker5 2017
Deputy Editor-in-Chief @ELLE Germany: Art Buyer, Photo Director, Illustrator, Painter, French Translator Ipacei is my favourite nail hardener, but also best transparent enamel. Just try out, makes your nails as hard as diamonds, thanks to diamond powder ingredients.


Molte grazie a @glamouritalia for liking our products, especially the Ipacei Luxury Argan Oil! Ipacei – Luxury Argan Oil: completamente naturale, quest’olio non unge i capelli e li idrata in profondità, riparando anche le chiome più sfibrate, rovinate e spente. Adatto a tutti i tipi di capelli, li rende morbidi all’istante e agisce su lunga durata con miglioramenti visibili. L’olio di argan è infatti un prezioso alleato del cuoio capelluto, poiché rinforza e dona brillantezza.

Let your natural look grow! 

Be Beautiful!


Hello Beauty!

Love it!

How to get longer and stronger nails?
It is possible with the Ipacei Diamond Nail Hardener after 2 weeks!

How to get longer lashes? Very easy!

Let your lashes grow with the Ipacei lashes serum

How to get longer and more lashes?
Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth Serum is the secret for longer, darker and conditioned lashes after 4 weeks.

First results are possible after 3-4 weeks, extreme long lashes and brows in 8-12 weeks!
Test it and measure your lashes with the innovative Scale-Design!

Buy the Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth Serum:


Get longer hair and more volume!

up to 6-9 cm in 4 months

Test the Ipacei Long Hair Activator und Volumizer!

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Explore the effective and luxury cosmetic products by IPACÈI!

IPK COSMETICS Germany develops and produces innovative beauty products, which are all produced in response to customer demand, the newest Trends  and which meet European industry standards.

We are result-oriented and first of all, we guarantee the innovative and active ingredients for a visibly success in a short time.

Short Portfolio of our current products Ipacei ultra strong long lashes and brows growth serum, Ipacei ultra strong nailhardener with diamond particles, Ipacei long hair activator and volumizer, the Ipacei smartphone user handcream and more.

Made in Germany and Austria

Our cosmetic products are produced in Germany and Austria.
Made with love!

Quality Management

Before the ingredients are used in production, they are checked by the company’s internal RMQS procedure. Our QM system is constantly improved, so that we obtain the hightest possible levels of customer satisfaction.


We have a heart for animals and our products are not tested on animals.

How to get longer hair?

Make your hair grow longer!


How to grow hair faster

Ipacei Long Hair Activator!

 Let your hair grow with the Ipacei Hair Activator and
shine with the Ipacei Argan Hair Milk Bomb!

Lashes before-after

Lash Growth Serum Tips

Get longer lashes and brows!

Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth Serum!

Click here, to get all the informations about how to let your lashes and brows grow:
Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth Serum


If you have got any questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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