Eye Lashes and Brows Growth Serum

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One bottle usable for 3-6 months

is the secret for longer, darker and conditioned lashes after 4 weeks.

First results after 3-4 weeks, extrem long lashes and brows in 8-12 weeks!

NEWS: After the big sold out, the Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth Serum is again available!

Best Lashes and Brows Growth Serum 2017&2018!

Picture after 8 weeks wirh Ipacei! 

Lashes and eyes are seen as a sign of physical beauty, the longer and more volume they have, the more attractive are they.

IPACÈI ULTRA EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM is the basis for beautiful and radiant eyes.


For what is the measuring tape good?

Keep the scale/serum to the eyelashes and take a picture from the first day about your eye lashes/eyebrows! Make a dash+date and check your progress! Visible and MEASURABLE!

Does it really work?

We test all of our products and using effectfull ingredients. Let`s have a look at our Pre- and Review pictures!

How fast are the lashes/brows are growing?

Visibly effects after 2-3 weeks. Use it on a daily basis over a period of 5-8 weeks, your lashes will grow between 45-70%.

Picture with Ipacei after 8 weeks!  


Thanks the effective formula and it`s ingredients IC* and Panthenol-Peptidekomplex, eyelashes and eyebrow hairs are growing naturally and get beautiful.

Can I use the IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM two or three times a week only?

Use it on a daily basis over a period of 5-12 weeks, your lashes will grow between 45-70% and show you visible effects. The maximum duration of the eyelash growth is up to 12 weeks. After this period, you should use IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM 2-3 times a week to maintain and retain the lengths. IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG&LONG EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM has been dermatologically tested and obtained excellent results compatibility.

How does the application work?

After cleaning your /lashes and eyebrows, use the Serum once a day, in the morning or in the evening.

Application for the Lashes:

Apply the IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM 1 x daily in the morning before applying your makeup or in the evening after your daily cleansing routine. Apply a thin layer onto the lashes line with the fine brush applicator and let the product absorb into the lashes. Make sure that the roots of the lashes are covered and avoid getting the product into the eye. Shake well!

1. Clean your lid
2. Apply the Lashes Serum on the dry , really only on the lash line (where your lashes begins to grow, please do not apply to the skin or lid)
3. Then keep your eyes slightly open , that the serum can dry and does not come into contact with the lid or the skin

Application for the Brows:

Apply the IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG EYE LASHES AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM 1x daily in the morning before your daily makeup routine onto the brows or in the evening after your cleansing routine around the roots of your brow hairs, as well as on bald spots, where you want to promote hair growth. Shake well!

Join it!

Caution and Compatibility:

IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG EYE LASHES and BROWS GROWTH SERUM is distinguished by excellent compatibility.
Nevertheless, we would like to point out that you should not apply it onto open wounds, injuries, mucosal, before an sun exposure and avoid direct eye contact.
If you brought it in with eye contact, we recommend to rinse your eyes immediately with water.
Use only on the areas mentioned above, use on the eyelid, lower eyelid and on the eyebrows.
If unpleasant or allergic reaction, stop the treatment immediately, if necessary, consult a doctor.
All eye lashes and brows sera in the German market are recommended for Persons older than 18 years, if someone under the specified age wants to use it, it has to be clarified by parents/doctor. Keep away from children and out of reach.
Do not use during pregnancy, alopecia, breastfeeding or during and/or after chemotherapy or consult your doctor.

The Ingredients are listed under www.codecheck.info:

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Weight 3 kg

5 reviews for Eye Lashes and Brows Growth Serum

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Vielen Dank für alle Produkte, bn hellauf begeistert und sehr zufrieden mit meinen langen Wimpern! Werde das Ipacei Wimpernserum mit Sicherheit in einigen Wochen nochmal bestellen und euch jedem empfehlen. Meine Haarwachstumskur ist auch in vollem Gange und ich freue mich wieder bald schöne lange Haare zu haben.

    Lieben Gruß Steffi Bad Homburg

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Ipacei gibt es ja schon seit Langem auf dem Beautymarkt und ich war eine der ersten Frauen glaube ich, die es getestet hatten von Anfang an. Und seit dem ich es getestet habe bin ich nie enttäuscht werden, habe alles was ich an Grundausstattung zum schön 😉 sein möchte erlang, denndie Ergebnisse besonders meine Wimpern sind einfach wunderbar, sehen natürlich aus und verwandeln die Wimpern in eine Augendweide.

    Ich kann dasIpacei Wimpernserum vollsten Herzens nur weiterempfehlen!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Liebes Ipacei Team!

    Seit Ewigkeiten ein großer Fan eures Wimpernserums, es hilft wirklich, schade nur, dass es zur Zeit ausverkauft ist, hoffe meine Bestellung ist noch durch und ich erhalte schnellstens mein Packet! Isabelle

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Estafania Neuring

    Bin schon lange Ipacei Fan und benutze fast alle Produkte seit mehr als 2 Jahren, bin besonders mit dem Ipacei Wimpernserum sehr zufrieden, meine Wimpern sind total lang und echt füllig dank euch, werde überall von fast jedem und auch Fremden darauf angesprochen 🙂 mache auch seit längerer Zeit die Haarkur mit dem Argan Hair Milk bomb und dem Hairacgtivator von euch, meine Haare sahen noch nie so gepflegt aus und sie fühlen sich auch total geschmeidig an, wachsen tun sie auch nebenbei gut. Hoffe ihr macht lange weiter und habe gerade dieses Goldserum von euch bestellt, diesmal für meine Mom, alles in allem kann ich eure Produkte echt weiterempfehlen!
    Liebe Grüße Estefania Neuring

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    super serum hab jetzt echt lange wimpern und ziemlich dichter alles

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