Get longer eyelashes with Ipacei Lashes Growth!

Get longer eyelashes!


Best Eyelashes Serum and Brows Growth Serum from Ipacei 2017 and 2018!  

Get longer eyelashes – that’s how it works!

We make the shortest eyelashes turn into beautiful longe and strong eyelashes after 3 weeks!

The photo (top in the circle) was made officially during the Ipacei eyelash growth serum treatment after 9 weeks.

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With the daily use of the Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum, the eyelashes grow visibly after 3 weeks. Within 8-12 weeks you have significantly longer, denser and fuller eyelashes. Promised!

As there are many ways to get longer eyelashes, here are some of them, and at the same time we share the key points on what to look for when buying a good eyelash serum to be fully satisfied later. Furthermore, we show to understand how an eyelash serum works at all and why the eyelashes can not be long enough without the aid of the Ipacei eyelashes growth serum, as we would naturally wish.

Why are long eyelashes so important and what role do our eyelashes play in our appearance?

In addition to the basic make-up matching the face type, the most important “beauty elements” in the face, are the eyes and associated eyebrows and eyelashes. You can make up as professionally, but you have normally little or only short eyelashes, even the best styling and make-up does not look right, the facial expression with the shiny eyes is missing.

In ancient Egypt, long and curved eyelashes were in the sign of aesthetics. Back then tools were already being developed to make the eyelashes swing, so we’ve been styling our eyelashes since 4,000 before Christ.

In order for the eyesight to be particularly effective, it is important that the eyelashes are properly showered with a good Mascara or colored and that you also have beautiful, long eyelashes for showering them.

With short sparse eyelashes it is hardly possible to raise a seductive look like dark, thick and long eyelashes. Our eyelashes also have the task of protecting the eyes, as well as the protective function of our eyebrows. The hairs keep dirt, sweat, water or unwanted residues away from our eyes. In the morning after getting up or in the swimming pool without make-up, but with longer eyelashes, we just feel better.

Why do eyelashes fall off, grow after eyelashes and can lashes become endlessly long?

First of all, the eyelashes can not last forever, every eyelash eventually falls out, so that a new one can regrow.
Our human hair lashes have a eyelash growth cycle of about 12 weeks, after this rest period / final phase, you can not extend the growth phase of the eyelashes on forcing.

What would the eyelashes look like if the eyelash growth cycle did not exist? The eyelashes would grow over our eyebrows, our hair and beyond, which would be a great pity. Therefore, we are quite happy that there is the 3-month growth phase of the eyelashes. The three months growth cycle of an eyelash is much shorter than that of the scalp hair.

To understand the 3 growth phases of the eyelashes

1st stage baby eyelashes in the anagen phase (active growth phase) up to 2 mm approx. 25-30 days old (about 4 weeks)

2. Eyelashes in the catagen phase (Transitional period) about 30-60 days old (about 8 weeks)

3. Eyelashes in the telogen phase (Rest period / rest phase) approx. 60-90 days old (approx. 12 weeks)

The biggest problem is that the eyelashes are usually much more likely to fall off (naturally or by external influences) and can not reach the catagen phase and the telogen (resting) phase.

That is why our eyelashes fall out prematurely, even before they are quite long, usually within 3-8 weeks. This in turn prevents us from the idea of ​​having beautiful, long and thick eyelashes.

So what can we  do now to get beautiful, full and long eyelashes?

Just use the Ipacei eyelashes growth serum and you will love to see your oeyelashes turn into beautiful, long eyelashes!

There are also many other ways, to long eyelashes with artificial eyelashes or silk eyelashes. An eyelash extension with artificial eyelashes, for example, seems to be the fastest variant, but shows after a short time, whether an artificial eyelash extension is suitable for everyone.

Is an eyelash extension cheap or expensive in the long run?

For the so-called first treatment you should plan for 1 to 2 hours. Also, an eyelash extension does not last for life, because your eyelash hairs (like your hair) naturally fall out and with them also the false eyelashes. 

You can not make fake eyelash extensions onto bare lashes/eyes. 

There are enough negative examples that the synthetic hair lashes are too heavy and the glue is too lumpy for the sensitive, own eyelashes. However, the risky thing about fake lashes / eyelash extensions is that your own eyelashes can be damaged in a short time and you hardly have your own eyelashes at the end.

Therefore, the providers recommend that the eyelashes every three to four weeks to fill up so that the eyelashes continue to look evenly. For this reason, an eyelash extension is again associated with high costs.

If you take into account the cost of an eyelash extension in the beauty salon or a eyelash stylist, an eyelash extension is not particularly cheap, it is more very expensive.

For the first treatment takes to 80 € -350 €, each additional treatment (Refilling / Replenishment of eyelashes) costs depending on eyelash number again between 50 € -80 €. Extrapolated to one year, this makes a proud sum of about 1000 € -1300 €, only for long eyelashes.

The difference between false eyelashes and natural eyelashes can be seen by not using high quality and lightweight single eyelashes. The wallet suffers from the filling, but also the own, natural eyelashes can be strained after the removal of the artificial eyelashes, in the worst case one then has damaged eyelashes and unsightly gaps, if it was not made professionally.

Ipacei eyelash growth serum and eyelash extensions at the same time, is that possible?

If you are considering an eyelash extension, or have already had eyelash extensions done, and would now like to have support for your own eyelashes, you can use the Ipacei Eyelash Serum additionally.

The own eyelashes will regrow despite the false eyelashes and the eyelash replenishment can thus be delayed. Of course, the Ipacei eyelash serum can also be used for the bald bare spots where no false eyelashes could be attached.

What could be better than just letting your own eyelashes grow and getting longer lashes cost-effectively with 59,90 €?

Let’s get closer to the dream of long and beautiful eyelashes and simply extend the growth process of eyelashes with eyelash serum!

When using the Ipacei eyelash serum, the eyelashes are extended to the third phase of growth (to the resting phase) and thus have optical, beautiful and long eyelashes.

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What should you look for when buying a good eyelash serum?

The question has certainly asked anyone who wants to grow the eyelashes!

“There are so many eyelash serums on the market, how do I know which eyelash serum really works well and which eyelash serum does let grow my eyelashes long and beautiful?”

It is actually very difficult to choose a good eyelash serum or the best eyelash serum, because unfortunately there are far too many black sheep on the market.

Some points here: When buying eyelash serum should be paid attention to where the product is made.

Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum is manufactured and produced under strict quality standards in Germany. Furthermore, we would like to point out that the imprint is the heart of every website and every shop. Are you looking for search engines like various searches for eyelash serum test, eyelash serum tips, best eyelash serum 2018, how to grow my eyelashes faster, which eyelash serum really helps, best eyelash serum, etc., you get a lot of advertising pages including blog pages, which unfortunately are simply fake pages.

There is no imprint, no contact options (duty in Germany) or run on dubious companies abroad.

It is therefore recommended, for the protection of one’s own health and the purse, to take a look at the imprint, because it is very easily to see that about 60% of the advertising pages (blogs) are paid and it reflects no actual results of real test subjects.

This is the easiest way to check if you opt for or against the purchase of an eyelash growth serum. Since an eyelash growth serum is applied to the sensitive eye, it can easily come to “unknown” product irritation (not ascertainable manufacturer source),  and one has in the worst case no contact or endangered even the health.

Active ingredients and compatibility

First of all, if a cosmetic product should show an effect, active ingredient cosmetics, one must always keep in mind that active ingredients have a high price and can not be cheaply manufactured and sold cheaply.

The price for an effective eyelash growth serum can cost up to $ 140, but it does not mean that a $ 100 eyelash growth serum is just as good or a cheaper one. Compatibility plays a very important role.

There are many opinions on eyelash serums, whether cheap or expensive, it is always recommended to read through the compatibility in the package insert and on the packaging (at Ipacei), as each person can respond differently.

An important note is generally that the effective eyelash serums should not be used by pregnant women or only after prior consultation with your doctor.

How much is inside- the content

Most of the time you look at the purchase, the price of an eyelash growth serum and decide about yor first impression feeling.

However, there are vendors that sell eyelash growth sera for cheaper prices, but these in a small amount (1-2 ml).
Ipacei includes 3 ml, which can be used up to 4-6 months one bottle.

Powerful ingredients and effect (extract) of Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum

What exactly does Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum do?

What is the effect of the Ipacei eyelash serum?

• Strengthens eyelashes / eyebrows and prolongs the growth phase

• Reduces eyelash loss and prevents eyelash loss

• Prevents eyelash loss and promotes eyelash growth

• Makes the eyelashes / eyebrows supple and resilient

• Nourishes and strengthens the eyelashes / eyebrows Ipacei uses the effective active ingredient complexes IC * (prostaglandins), panthenol-peptide complexes and hyaluronic acid as one of the most important active ingredients that promote and at the same time promote the natural growth of natural eyelashes and eyebrow hairs.

The price-performance ratio of Ipacei eyelash growth serum is one of the most harmonious prices in the luxury cosmetics sector.

Ipacei ensures trust and transparency

Customer confidence plays a special role in active ingredient cosmetics.

To show that the Ipacei products actually work, a scale design was created on the Ipacei active ingredient products to emphasize transparency from the outset and to build a basis of trust.

It’s easy to follow the progress of eyelash growth week after week, step by step, by holding the Ipacei eyelash serum bottle to your eyelashes and taking a photo.

After a couple of weeks you can see the difference to before and after yourself.

Such as here:

How long can I get out with an eyelash serum from Ipacei?

With the Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum (calculated only for the eyelashes or the eyebrows area) it takes about 4-6 months. It is very important that an eyelash serum is generally applied, not too generously or several times a day, once a day is enough, the eyelashes will not grow faster with repeated application per day.

After 12 weeks, when the eyelashes have grown enough, the eyelash serum should be applied only 2-3 times a week. The costs of the Ipacei eyelash growth serum are manageable, down to the day, the cost of Ipacei eyelash serum at about 0.40 € / per day. Ipacei is 2in1 and a vegan eyelashes growth serum! This means the Ipacei eyelash serum can be used as a growth serum for eyelashes and eyebrows!

Ipacei extends the eyelashes and eyebrow hair, even in bald spots!

There are few manufacturers in which eyelash growth serum can also be used as an eyebrow serum!

This means that for many brands you have to buy a growth serum once for the eyelashes and once for the eyebrows.

The beneficial combination of Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow serum makes this possible!

Summary for eyelash serum purchase:

1. Check ingredients and contents (ml)
2. Company / Manufacturer (Imprint)
3. Real results and opinions Before-and-after photos of real tests
4. Production country, Made in …?
5. Do not fall for wrong eyelash test pages price comparison

But how do my eyelashes / eyebrows grow longer with Ipacei and when do I see the first results with the Ipacei eyelash and eyebrow growth serum?

For longer eyelashes and eyebrows, it is recommended that the Ipacei eyelash serum and eyebrow growth serum is applied once a day, even in bare spots, to sprout there, the hair after a few weeks. After 2-4 weeks, your own eyelashes will regrow, which will already be noticed more with a mascara or a lash lift or a lash tint. After 8-12 weeks you have beautiful, extremely long and natural eyelashes and fuller eyebrows, even in bare bald spots.

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