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The product portfolio includes the IPACÈI ULTRA STRONG DIAMOND NAILHARDENER 5 in 1 for longer nails in 2-3 weeks! With diamond particles, which is especially designed for thin and brittle nails.

The IPACÈI nailhardener helps them to get strength, promotes fast growing, gives elasticity and protect them against brittling.

It is a 5 in 1 wonder, so it can also be used as a base coat, top coat or as a natural French look nail lacquer. The nails are growing noticeably, by using it regular as a daily spa treatment and you will visible see them growing within 2-3 weeks.
It takes very little time out of the daily beauty routine and product is easy to apply.

The IPACÈI EYE LASH AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM for longer lashes and more brows after 4 weeks! With IC* (Prostaglandine), Panthenol-Peptidkomplex, Widelashes, hyaluronan and provitamin B5 for long thick lashes.

IPACÈI EYE LASH AND BROWS GROWTH SERUM helps to fight damaging environmental elements and premature fallout by nourishing and strengthening lashes.

The lashes are growing noticeably, by using it as a daily spa treatment and you will see them grow in 30%-70% within 5-8 weeks. It takes very little time out of the daily beauty routine and product is easy to apply.

The IPACÈI LONG HAIR ACTIVATOR AND VOLUMIZER for 6-9 cm longer hair in 3 months! More volume in minutes! With the active ingredient propolis and caffeine complex, biotin and chosen extracts from birch, nettle, algae and chamomile. It helps effectively against thin, greasy hair, dandruff, scalp itching or dull, dry hair and gives them energy and volume.

The promoting effect on the scalp itching is caused by panthenol, it stimulates the cell division and generates the formation of new skin layers. That is why Panthenol is also effectively used against sunburn. Some people swear by panthenol to hair loss prevent or mitigate existing hair loss. The propolis contained, was already known to the Incas in Egypt, acting antibiotic and antimycotic and thus the vitality and enhance well-being.

The IPACÈI LONG HAIR ACTIVATOR AND VOLUMIZER regulates the blood circulation with the daily massage treatment and promotes hair growth. Without parabene or silicone!

The fast-absorbing IPACÈI SWEET SMARTPHONE-USER HANDCREAM and BODYLOTION for beautiful skin! It is especially suitable for smart phone users and impatient people,  who do not wait too long timw for the absorbing of the cream.

It is rich in jojoba oil and Pro-Vitamin B5, smells sweet and transforms dry, cracked, sore skin aging and in 20 seconds supple velvet hands.

It is excellent for rehydration because it mixes with the natural sebum and forms a non-occlusive lipid film, binds moisture to the skin, but it seals in any way.

The IPACÈI SWEET SMARTPHONE-USER HANDCREAM stabilizes the fat and moisture content of the skin and improves skin elasticity, because it contains a lot of vitamin E, vitamin skin protection per se.

Thanks to the small pump can, the dosage feature is easy to handle and still allows continued enjoyment of the delicious cream. Without parabene or silicone!

Try it the IPACÈI Way!



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