Allround 24 Karat Pure Goldmask, Luxury Box, Vegan



Allround 24 Karat Pure Goldmask, Luxury Box, Vegan

1x Ipacei Facelifting Oil for a youth and
smoothy skin 30 ml (pre and after Make-Up usable)
10x 24 Karat Gold Leaf 8×8 cm (2-3 Gold Face Mask Treatments)
23,5 Karat Goldflakes (20 mg)
1x cosmetic spatula
1x Collagen Push 5 ml, highly dosed active ingredients, promotion of collagen production and immediate, fixed skin


Recommended skin type: for very dry, stressed, matured skin
Edible Gold for food, beverages, skin and for mixing them with cosmetic products.

All products are E175 certified and produced in Germany under highest quality regulations.

The Ipacei Facelifting Oil is especially developed as a Facelift Oil before and after Make-Up.

It shows a fast visible smoothy skin and a boosting effect for very stressed, tense facial skin, against small lines, facial folds, prevents age spots and is constructed as a protection against wrinkles.

The Ipacei Facelifting Oil does not leave any disturbing oily film. It provides a velvety soft, pleasant and a flat skin with minimized facial folds.

Luxury pure!

If you want to use the 23,5 Karat Goldflakes for food decorations or your favorite cream, use the enclosed spatula to pick up the Goldflakes.

Goldflakes which came in contact with the Ipacei Facelifting Oil or other non-food products, should not be eat and cannot be used again for food/beverage decorations anymore.

The Ipacei Facelifting Oil can be mixed with the 23,5 Karat Goldflakes.

For the face treatment, please use the pipette of the Ipacei Facelifting Oil, pick up the Goldflakes and mix them with the Ipacei Facelifting Oil as desired.

24 Karat edible Gold Leaf

Only our 999 pure 24 Karat gold leaf can absorb moisture up to 300 times of its own weight and release it to the skin. This makes the face lively and gives an absolute moisture boost, which also prevents the face from sweating for several hours even after using Make-Up!

The Gold Face Treatment, well known by Models and Make-Up Artists.

The Ipacei 24 Karat Gold Mask Face Treatment

1. Clean and dry your face and drip a (2-3) few drops of the Ipacei Facelifting Oil (mix them with the 23,5 Karat Goldflakes) onto your face.
The Ipacei 24 Karat Gold Leaves are very sensitive, please lift from the sides and gently press onto your clean face as a mask. Do not touch the 24 Karat Gold Leaves directly with your fingers.
2. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
3. After this, drip only a few (2-3) drops from the Ipacei Facelifting Oil onto your face.
4. Slowly massage the Ipacei Facelifting Oil into your skin with the Gold Leaves until it is no longer visible. Small Goldflakes can be visible, massage them easily.
5. An extra conditioning cream can also be mixed with the 23,5 Karat Gold Flakes and applied if desired with the aid of the spatula when no make-up is applied.
6. The Ipacei Facelifting Oil has been especially developed as a preparation before and after make-up use.
7. The Ipacei Goldmasks are recommended 2-4 times per month. For very dry skin, the Ipacei Facelifting Oil can be used every day to protect the skin and get it moisturized.
8. The Ipacei Gold products are also edible, E175 food-certified and also suitable for food decorations.

Highest Gold Quality-MADE IN GERMANY

The luxury Ipacei Box is only available with this offer.

Highest Gold Quality-MADE IN GERMANY


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