Luxury Argan Oil Moroccanoil

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Ipacei Luxury Argan Oil with real Argan Oil  (Moroccanoil) from Morocco
for silky and shiny hair

(Depending on the application 2-3 months / 30 ml)

Without alcohol or colourants

Effect: Ipacei Argan Oil acts as a perfect care to very dry, damaged, dull hair and split ends. It is unlike other Argan Oils non-greasy and very important, it does not leave any oily film on the hair. The Ipacei Argan Oil donates through the unique formulation a lot of moisture, shine, bounce and elasticity.

Application: After shampooing (daily suited) massage 2-3 drops into the wet or dry hair ends and comb it.

For which types of hair it is suitable and what are the benefits?

  • For all hair types
  • split ends and fine hair
  • Especially for dull, split ends
  • Gives shine and force a slack hair
  • Restores and maintains colored, brittle hair
  • Lively and untangled hair extensions and wigs
  • Gives immediate and long-lasting smoothness
  • Cares for frizzy and unruly hair
  • The Argan oil is rare and precious, as it is obtained in a particularly long and laborious process of hand.
The normally typical strict fragrance of the luxurious Argan Oil has been refined with special essences and addicted for more!


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