Allround Box, 6 Products



IPACÈI Allround Box, 6 Products

Lashes- and Brows Growth Serum
Diamond Nailhardener
2x Hairactivator and Volumenmaker

Argan Hair Milk Bomb
Smartphone-User Handcream (50ml)

6 Products!

Six original Ipacei cosmetic products in one Box.

Ipacei Lashes and Brows Growth serum for longer lashes and brows and the Ipacei Diamond Nailhardener for longer and ultra strong nails.

For for frizzy, stubborn and bleached hair the Argan Hair Milk Bomb and for longer Hair and more Volume 2x Long Hair Activator.

And the fast-absorbing Smartphone-User Handcream and Bodylotion, especially suitable for smart phone users and impatient people, absorbing in a few seconds!

The totally perfect Beauty Box!

Vouchers cannot be combined. Only for a short time! The depicted gift box is only contained in the Starter and the Allround Box.


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