Ipacei Collagen and Hyaluron fleece mask, 2 pieces


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Ipacei anti-aging collagen and hyaluron fleece mask.

2 pieces!

Sold out! Available after 30.01.2018!

The main active ingredients of the fleece mask are: aloe vera, collagen, hyaluron, panthenol, allantoin.

Intense moisturizing, supple skin feel and can improve skin elasticity.

Use once a week as a facial wellness, apply onto the clean face, leave to soak for about 25 minutes, do not wash off, then apply the Ipacei New Age cream and massage.

If needed, the Ipacei Collagen Push can also be used before the New Age Cream.

Free of mineral oils, silicone oils, parabens and PEGs. 25g / 0.9oz


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