Ipacei Collagen Push, highly concentrated hyaluronic acid



Ipacei Collagen Push, the latest development in the fight against skin aging and collagen construction!

5 ml

With highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, collagen, liposomes and much more.

Youth Skin Anti-aging facial serum which is used as collagen to build skin in beauty salons professionally and conjure an immediate, visible push effect and which can visually brighten lines and wrinkles.

Highly dosed, the Ipacei Collagen Push can increase the formation of collagen, tighten the skin and visually invigorate small wrinkles and conjure a pleasant feeling of freshness.

The higher and better the skin collagen, the more youthful, firmer and fresher the skin and less wrinkles can arise.

In the morning and / or evening, after the face has been cleaned, apply 1-2 drops of Ipacei Collagen Push and massage in very well!

After it has dried, the Ipacei Gold Faceliftingoil can be drizzled over it and massaged in as an additive. In the best case, do not use make-up afterwards so that the face can calmly dry with the active ingredients and the skin can breathe.

Explanation why collagen is so important:
The collagen contained in bones, muscles and skin is the body’s most important protein. It consists of amino acids, which keep the skin firm, voluminous and firm. While young skin contains a high level of collagen, collagen decreases and forms with the aging of the skin. This leads to the development of visible signs of aging such as wrinkles, wrinkles and a flabby skin.

Professionals in beauty salons:
Perfect for infiltration during treatments. Even while, it can be used after or in front with a ultrasound gadget.

Free of PEG`s, mineral oils, silicone oils, parabens.

Ph value is 6.3, thus very well tolerated for many skin types.

Especially with dry, wrinkled, mature skin, where collagen production and elasticity decreases and tends to wrinkles. The sooner you start with proper facial care, the better you are prepared.


If you have got any questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!


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