Ipacei Lashlifting Kit

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Buy professional Ipacei lash lifting set!

Eyelash lifting set for approx. 25 treatments!

Contents of the set:

Ipacei Lift it Lotion1
Ipacei Fix it Lotion2
Ipacei eyelash lifting adhesive
Ipacei primer Ipacei silicone pads (1 pair)

Special offer only for professionals.

Trained IPK artists who have acquired the IPK certificates and attended the training courses at the IPK BEAUTY ACADEMY (also as distance training) receive discounted prices.

A maximum of 1 set per customer can be ordered via the shop, for larger purchase quantities of 2 sets or more we ask for prior contact via email and sending your lashlifting artist certificate, then you will receive further conditions from us as well as the graduated prices.

For the lucrative treatment method with the Ipacei eyelash lifting set, which is used successfully by the IPK BEAUTY ACADEMY, see www.ipkbeautyacademy.com or Instagram @ipkbeautyacademy.

For everyone who wants to become self-employed or who is already self-employed. For end customers who want to set up a second mainstay and want to become self-employed, the eyelash lifting training is available as a complete package IPK BAUTY ACADEDMY (www.ipkbeautyacademy.com) can be booked as a distance course with certification directly through our shop.

It is important that you are already a certified lashlifting artist and know exactly how to use the products.

The best combination for long, thick and full, curved eyelashes is to use the eyelash lifting with the Ipacei eyelash serum in combination. The Ipacei eyelash serum ensures long and thick, full eyelashes and the lifting gives the eyelashes a permanent bounce. With the Ipacei Lashlifting Set you can perform up to 25 treatments, the lashlifting lasts about 6-8 weeks.

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